My name is Max Nolan, and I'm a graphic designer and photographer. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and received my B.A. in Visual Communication in 2013. The youthful beginnings of my artistic exploration began with illustration, but now spans over a vast array of fields. I specialize in designing for print as well as packaging, and I have a strong foundation in photography. I am also well versed in my writing, marketing, and development of brand identities.



In all of my design work, my aim is to be direct and to clearly communicate a purpose. While I almost always implement typography, I work to express ideas without the use of words, and I enjoy doing so in multiple formats. My creative abilities have grown to provide me with a passion and proficiency in the areas of graphic design and photography.

Stylistically, my work creates tension yet remains conservative and elegant. More often than not however, I like to explore controversial, ironic, and humorous concepts. I believe that such themes hold the most potential to gain attention and guide viewers into a contemplative state.